Guide-By-Your-Side Program

Intro to the Colorado Guide-By-Your-Side Program

The Power of Parent-to-Parent:

Every family who has a child who is deaf or hard of hearing has a different story to tell, yet we all share a common bond.  At Hands & Voices, we understand the power of parents coming together to support and learn from one another.  Families who are just beginning the journey can learn from veteran parents, the challenges as well as the joys, of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing.  For many parents, their only regret in the ‘early years’, is not connecting to other parents sooner!

What the H&V Guide-by-Your-Side Program can do for you

The Hands & Voices  Parent Guide is a   parent of a deaf or hard of hearing child who has been trained to provide support and advocacy for other families.  Our coordinators have real life experience in raising a deaf/hh child, and are knowledgeable about the  issues encompassing  this journey.  These coordinators are available to respond to the individual needs of each family.

Services Available:

We’re here for you when YOU are ready!  One-on-one consultation via phone, email, or home visit on issues such as communication choices, emotional support, educational choices,  sibling and extended family issues, transitions, etc.

Parent-to-Parent Networking:  Our coordinators can connect you to

  • regional events, access to other families,  access to deaf/hh adults, social activities,  and educational workshops
  • Connection to other resources:  State and national resources; materials; recommended books , videos, websites, etc.
  • Advocacy for families:  IFSP and IEP development,   Special education Law information.
  • Coordinators specifically for parents who are Spanish speaking, and for families who have kids with unilateral hearing loss

There are no charges associated with the Hands & Voices Guide by your Side Services. Hands & Voices members, however, have priority in IEP development assistance, and reduced fees to Hands & Voices events.  To become a Hands & Voices member, please see our Hands & Voices membership brochure or go to:

Contact Information for the GBYS Program

State Director:

Janet DesGeorges

Denver/Metro Area - click for details...

Northeast Region - click for details...

Pikes Peak Region - click for details...

Western Slope - click for details...

Statewide Guides - click for details ...

Statewide Guides Include:

  • CSDB Parent Involvement Coordinator
  • Statewide Unilateral Hearing Loss Parent Coordinator
  • Statewide Spanish Speaking Parent Coordinator
  • Statewide Deaf Parent Coordinator