CO Hearing Aid Legislation

Gov Ritter signs bill

Senate Bill 57 was passed successfully through the House and Senate thanks to the support of the bill sponsors and a cast of supporters throughout the state including parents, professionals, agencies, nonprofit groups, and hospitals. The work of the Coalition for Children’s hearing was successful because of the large number of groups who worked together in this effort.  An HUGE thank you to all the organizations and families who gave generously of their time, money, and expertise. Mary Bartholomew, AGBell, and Janet DesGeorges, Hands & Voices co-chaired the Coalition.  Regina Squibbs, Carolyn Wolfrum and Julie McCloskey, Liesel Thomas, Marcia Taber, Sara Kennedy, Dinah Beams, Vickie Thomson, also served on the Coalition with Dr. Sandy Gabbard from the Marion Downs Center.  Members from Colorado AG Bell, Hands & Voices, Colorado Academy of Audiology, The Children’s Hospital and the Advocacy Network, Marion Downs Hearing Center, University Hospital, Colorado Association of the Deaf, Colorado Sertoma Clubs, the H.E.A.R. Project, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Colorado Chapter, as well as our lobbyist who guided us through the process, Charlie Hebeler. Cliff Moers, Director Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing attended all the hearings and the signing of the bill. Individuals do make a difference, but we make a greater impact when we work together!

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