Bridge to Preschool:  Navigating a Successful Transition

Change, change, change….

Planning for the transition from early intervention (Part C) to preschool services

(Part B) is a very important step in the life of your child and family. Probably from early on in your experience in Early Intervention Services, you became aware that at the age of three there would be a transition process which may include:

  • A change of people who have been serving your child
  • A change of location of services
  • A change in which part of the law overseas services in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • New opportunities

This document was developed by a group of professionals and parents who want to support you during this time. It is not everything you’ll need, but we hope that there is enough information to get you through the process of transition, and to know where to get help if you need it. You’ll need the input of other parents, professionals you trust, and adults who are deaf and hard of hearing to give you their perspectives as you transition into the next phase of education and life with your child. The truth is, ‘transitions’ are a part of life that is ongoing, will probably cause some stress, and an inevitable part of the journey of raising a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. It is also an exciting part of the journey….your child is growing, you are gaining confidence in your knowledge, and your involvement in your child’s education will pay off with big dividends!

Click here to access the Bridge to Preschool (pdf)

El Puente a Preescolar - Espanol (pdf)