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If your baby did not pass the screening in the hospital, they should have helped you reschedule a ‘rescreen’. 

This box (or other paper the hospital gave you) should tell you where to return for your outpatient screen or rescreen. Some hospitals make the appointment before you go home and others have you call a special number. Be sure you have the information you need before you leave so you know when to bring your baby back for this important rescreen.

If you are not sure where to go for your rescreen, call your hospital.

Click here to watch other families talk about the importance of following up:

Loss & Found Video

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If your baby does not pass or misses the first screening of both ears:

  • schedule and outpatient screen at your hospital
  • OR schedule an evaluation with a pediatric audiologist.

Back to RoadmapIf your baby does not pass the outpatient screen, schedule an appointment with a pediatric audiologist right away.

If you have difficulty with connecting with your hospital, please contact one of the people on this list.

[ People you can contact for a screen ]